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  • Adam Lewis

Websites that Get and Keep Customers

Your website needs these 5 things to get more customers, are you doing them?

Growing your business means getting, and grabbing hold of new customers. But how do you do this effectively? Turns out there are several keys in setting up, and targeting your particular audience that make or break your ability to do this. This article is not in-depth but gives the basics to help you get on your way and turn your website from a customer black hole to one sprouting with fresh opportunity.

Website Musts:

1. Professional Appeal: the first impression is the most important part of meeting anyone. It is lasting and speaks volumes about you, and your business. Your website is the face of your business, and if any part of it isn’t looking top-notch, your potential customers will immediately look elsewhere - to your competition. A website needs to be ultra-professional in all ways. How it looks (images that catch the eye and tell a compelling story about you and your business), the videos you’re playing (home movies & shaky video with poor lighting and tacky editing scare off people quicker than the plague), and the flow and space of your physical page (the arrangement of your images, text, videos, blank space, etc.) all need to be very well done, and thought out. If there is a disconnect in any one of these areas, potential clients will leave. But, hit a home run here, and you’re well on your way to increased business.

2. Targeting Phrasing: not only does the setup and look need to be ultra professional, but also the text placement and messaging are vital. What will you say? How will you say it? Where will you put it? These things all need to tell your potential customer in just a few seconds why they should choose you over anyone else, as well as what you want them to do. Your messaging should draw them in, not confuse or drive them away. Words are very powerful, and changing just one can completely change the outcome of the message you are sending. So, be very intentional and thoughtful of each word, and each place you put in on the website. It should meet your intended purpose.

3. Understands the Need: if you don’t know your audience thoroughly well, how can you send the right message? Is your product or service going to resonate? How should you phrase your messaging so it does? Really diving in, knowing the exact needs, and words/phrasing that will resonate with your audience is essential in setting up an effective website. It should drive your decisions above as far as the images you choose, the layout you design, and the messages you convey.

4. Effective Funnels: once you’ve identified the above, setting up your website should quickly and effectively take them from A to B… (A) them getting to your website, and (B) them doing what you want them to do. If its a service, this means them signing up or contacting you to do this. If a product, this would be buying your product. If not designed properly, a website can be a maze that allows visitors to get lost, off track, frustrated, and never get to where you want them to. You only have a short amount of time. Creating effective messaging, and a flow that funnels them to your desired action is essential to gain customers.

5. Connecting Points: In the real world all visitors will not become clients the first time to your site. Once they leave, you do not want them to be lost forever. You need to have connecting points that allow them to continue to interact with you, and for you to build trust and rapport with them. Down the road, they may become clients. Adding value to your potential customers turns them into future customers when they really have a need for what you do/offer. Do you have social media accounts they can sign up for? A social media presence is key for weekly connecting, adding value to your customers. Email lists and ways to capture email for a weekly or biweekly email blast (something of value - like this blog) also allow you to stay connected and make offers from time to time. However you do it, having an avenue for staying connected with visitors is essential to growing your business.

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